2D / 3D Animation Jan van Haasteren & Jumbo
Client: Jumbo | Agency: Videohelden
Together with Videohelden I made this animation for their respective client Jumbo. The goal was to create an animation where the characters from the famous Dutch puzzles of illustrator Jan van Haasteren would come alive. Jan van Haasteren himself drew the scenes. I cut out all his designs and made sure to respect what I interpreted to be his depicted hints of motion within his drawings. Without them actually moving of course -being drawings- one can get a feeling of how he imagines they do in fact move, hypothetically. As their postures and depicted energy and such illustrate this to some extent.
I added a subtle frame-for-frame effect, and together with the guys from Videohelden came up with the best way to transition from the packaging to the comic world and back. We decided a photorealistic livingroom with a Jan van Haasteren puzzle would be perfect.

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