Creative Marketing Strategist & Art Director/Designer
It all comes down to attention. How do you get the attention of potential new clients, and how can you leverage the right amount of attention of your existing customer base to meet your goals?
The broad answer is manipulation. You have to be good at manipulating the relevant variables to get to where you want to go.
How should we define "good"?
Good means to be better than the others. Better than the norm of the relevant spectrum. That is the blunt truth which is the core concept not only of a free market, but also of the relative nature of human perception and opinion and emotion.
Even Ghandi subconsciously prefers the better cookie, over the lesser.
I like to assert my qualities to find and employ methods for you to become or remain better than the others.
Over the years I've worked for big brands on national television commercials as well as small projects and personal creative projects. Initially as a high-end content designer and animator, after which I focused more and more on projects from a conceptual branding creative perspective when this was applicable. The last few years increasingly my focus has shifted more to the core objective of deciding what it is that is the best content in light of objectives and broader context; creative marketing strategy.
If you have any question or possible project you would like me to take a look at, send me an email.
Thank you!
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