3D Animation 250 circusculture coin
Client: KNM / RDM (Koningklijke Nederlandse Munt / Royal Dutch Mint)
I was asked to create this animation as part of the campaign for this coin series which are launched as a testament to the worldwide 250 year aniversary of circus culture. I used 3D animation together with footage of illustrations made in sand by a sand artist for this campaign. They were looking for something theatrical, mystical, something that would be able to capture the magic component of the concept "circus" within a minute. This idea of circus likely echoes within most people as an almost legendary concept due to the fact that it stems from early memories, from when we were unable to grasp the parameters of it, leading it to seem impossible, and thus magical. I created a portrait of a typical, recognizable large circus, and used a camera movement to fly almost dreamlike through this mystical scene. Using the circle shape for transitions as part of the theme.
By not directly portraying the core product in terms of what you see within a circus, but rather laying out the more typically recognizable aspects that encompass the concept, the viewer remains free to fill in the blanks using their deeply embedded memories and associations within the concept of circus, pulling them into the true intangible individualistic value it has for each different person.

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