2D Animations Praxis
Agency: Yune | Client: Praxis

In collaboration with Yune, Rutger Paulusse, Teun Buursema and Coen Bouman I worked on 50 "How to" animations for Praxis D.I.Y stores. The basic style came from the team at Yune which illustrator Rutger Paulusse added to. It was my responsibillity to create the storyboards / basic illustrations and texts. I developed these based on information I got from the client. I decided which shots and scenes where necessary and that way translated the input to a visual beginning point. I also did some of the animation work.
This project was created in 2D for about 99% which makes it quite simplistic visually, which is great from a viewer perspective; when you want to just gather information and understand how to do something.

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