2D Animation about Renewable energy
Agency: Loepzuiver | Client: Eon

Loepzuiver asked me to make a 2D animation for their client Eon.
I was asked to design the artwork along the lines of an existing style that had been used for an earlier animation by the client. I designed the artwork accordingly in close cooperation with Loepzuiver. When the stills of all scenes were approved (after correcting a few illustrations) I animated the scenes. I enjoy adapting the style of artwork to existing material, it is interesting to figure out what the essence is of a visual and why it at some point starts to make sense to categorize it as part of a certain style that you work in. More often than not there are only a few rules that are key to consequently abide by in order to work consistently in most illustration styles. You just have to figure out what they are, and that process can be entertaining.
In order to make use of an extra dimension for dynamic animation I decided to set up the power outlets and the flying documents in 3D, using a flat vector-like shading. This way it looks similar to the 2D elements except ofcourse it can twist around and therefore in some cases be more fun to watch.
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