Agency: SGK | Client: Van Houten
SGK asked me to help them in the process of designing the key visual of their rebranding of Van Houten Hot Chocolate. They had made different designs already for this, and multiple rounds of feedback. The client did not fully agree to the last versions yet. I was initially asked to follow the line of progression 1 on 1 along the trajectory of the existing concept and feedback so as to simply design what had been discussed and expected by their client. I convinced them to add a second option to the newest version in which I would abandon certain design choices that had been already decided upon earlier in their production process for it.
After discussing with them and taking into account their opinions and adding those to my proposal, they agreed I could design an alternative proposal, which did include some of the elements that already had been designed but with a very different style to it and a lot of new elements and depth (without of course completely roaming free of their overall brand concept they had created up to that point). I made this variant much more photorealistic and doubled down heavily on what I suppose I would best describe as an almost magical historical beauty; the amazing original production of high quality hot chocolate. I felt that 2 dimensional semi-abstract design elements were too typical for this situation where there is a significant "vintage" element to their brand identity. I felt that the originality, the realness of the brand (as one of the first-, if not the first) really high quality producers and brands in this market in the world, needed a better balance of on one side of course their timeless and rich history in the industry, and on the other their modern essence as well as the depth of their ability. Brown vector elements on a white background to me did not communicate that depth enough if not at least accompanied by more suitable material-design / photorealism and shading.
Their client was immediately enthusiastic, and only some minor changes were made from there on. I then made multiple versions according to SGK's direction so as to have suitable social media images, and animated versions of the scene. I delivered my project files to them so that they could build more versions and/or further after I signed off to jump on my next project.
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